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COLDR008 - VINYL 4 tracks

12" Vinyl £5.59 £7.99 30% discount 2 for £12.99

VINYL tracklist

Latvian based producer W3C makes his stone-Cold vinyl debut with this killer 4-track EP, showcasing the producers hard and uncompromising sonic: industrial techno meets rolling UK-style broken rhythms, around the 125-130bpm tempo range. Sounds from an unknown dimension percolate and fizz around masterfully crafted percussive layers, always guided by a dramatic, evolving narrative. If you like dark, progressive electronic music, then you need to own this release.

W3C opens with 'Atmospheric Entry', setting the mood for the rest of the EP with building technoid tensions, before a warping baseline emerges and charges the broken beats with furious purpose. Hard and energising, this one works very well on the dancefloor.
'Bile' takes things into deep dark waters - more rolling and restrained than the opening track, but no less powerful for it. Delicate sounds simmer and bubble in and out, vying for attention as drums build and build before dropping back into alien textures and rolling beats.

'Prometheus' sets the context for an apocalyptic battle scene - like the sound of attacking warships and the ensuing aftermath. Tense strings hold the mood while drums crash hard, punctuating the drilling of hi-hats and swooping bass hits that drop like giant cannons blowing ships from the sky.

'Fire, Walk With Me' closes things off, aching with a subtle melancholy that's triggered over a soundscape mapped out by atmospheric tension and intricate percussive layers.

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